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Preparedness on a Cruise...update from the Carnival Triumph...

Image courtesy of Gerald Herbert/AP
You probably have heard about the unfortunate events surrounding the recent voyage of the Carnival Cruise Liner named the Triumph.  If you have missed it,  my understanding is that the ship suffered a fire in the Engine Room and lost all power.  These Cruise-liners depend upon power to do virtually everything.  They were floating out at sea and had to wait for Tugboats to come and maneuver the darkened vessel back to port.  The passengers and the crew had to live together in these less-than-positive circumstances for days.

Image Courtesy of Martha Hackley/AP
The passengers realized that the ATM machines still had power (isn't that interesting), so they used the machines to make temporary charging stations for electronic devices that needed power.

Image Courtesy of Don Hoggett/AP
The Crew correctly used trash bags to provide toileting  options for their passengers.  This would allow them to bag the waste and attempt to keep the bathrooms operating without water.  I would be curious how they disposed of the bags of waste however.

Image Courtesy of Don Hoggett/AP
If you have never been on a cruise, there are different 'types' of state rooms. Some have windows, but many do not.  Reportedly, many passengers chose to sleep on the decks to avoid the fumes/odors from the lower decks. (Just use your imagination....).  We have gone on a cruise twice and have always had a window.  The window would not have helped with the odor, but it would have made the room a great option because it would have had light during the day.  

Image courtesy of John David Mercer/AP
The CEO reportedly met the ship when it arrived in Alabama.  I heard him take responsibility and apologize to the passengers.  The company is refunding monies to the passengers and are trying to make it right.  As I am writing this, I am listening to a story that reports that the 'government' plans to intervene and make sure that this situation cannot occur again.  Yes, that exactly what we need right now....people who are not in the industry trying to impose new rules and regulations.

Already, one passenger has filed a law suit and I would not be surprised to if more were to come.

Really??????   I agree the circumstances were not ideal, but when the unthinkable happens (and no one was critically hurt or died....just inconvenienced), adults need to start acting like......ADULTS!  Bad things happen, the crew reportedly tried to do everything they could to make the situation better, and the passengers are getting monies back.  

We went on a cruise last summer, (see the link to see the preparations we made to go....and you do need to use the mindset of preparedness no matter where you go).  The more I learn about this unfortunate situation, I reflected on what, if anything, I would have changed about my previous plan.

We had our own drinks (and there were many in each stateroom, including liquor...which we would not have used).  We had some snacks that did not require refrigeration, and we had a room with a window.  We also brought a small lantern that could have been used for light at night if needed.  In addition, we had reading material and a couple of games (I love Scrabble Flash!)

Some smart folks figured out how to get power from the ATM's.  They were ADULTS!  

The only changes I would have made are as follows: I think I would have taken 1-2 trash bags,  

Image courtesy of the webstaurantstore
Compressed towels to keep clean,

Image courtesy of 'Go Towels'

possibly a water filter (Think of the pool and hot tubs),

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and maybe a handheld device with a crank that would allow me to charge my phone as well as provide light without batteries.

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None of these items weigh a great deal and they also are small.  

Most of all, it is time to be thankful that no one was mortally hurt, everyone made it home, the crew tried to care for their passengers the best that they could under the circumstances, and some folks used their ingenuity to find power.  If I could wave my magic wand, I would inject some SENSE and GRATITUDE into the those who complained that they were in danger and are now thinking of possible deep pockets that they can attempt to access through lawsuits.

Having a  prepared mindset is not only for home, but for anywhere you may be.   Seeing a situation for what it really is requires maturity and common sense.  Consider making the choice to be appropriate...and act like an ADULT when faced with unforeseen challenges.

I'm off my soapbox now....


prepper recon said...

The Carnival Triumph was also a great example of how interdependent our systems of support are. Once the power goes, everything goes. Great article, thanks for posting.

Sandra said...

I saw a report on Fox News by a lawyer saying there would probably be no basis for lawsuits because of all the small print involved in the ticket sales. The passengers signed away their rights by purchasing the tickets.
Good article by you and a good reminder to always be prepared at least a little.

The Little Red Hen said...

Sande, I also saw that story and found it to be of great interest. Prepper Recon you are correct in your statement about how systems are interdependent. It is important that we all try to be a bit more prepared in all aspects of our life.

Anonymous said...

The pools were drained for safety concerns as the ship was listing to one side so the filter would not have been handy. From deck 4 down a window was nice if you needed to shower, that is if you could stand the odor that long. Also. With no airflow it was extremely hot and humid down there. Sleeping down there was not an option for about 90% of the passengers. Flashlight is a great idea because ships do lose power occasionally.

Myself and my family was on that cruise. You have to be ready for camping in that situation. If you've never really "roughed it" before... Then it would probably be a crisis for you. You just gotta be resilient and make due with whatcha faced with.

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