Saturday, October 6, 2012

Watching the airport!

Yup, this really is a photo of the gate I was waiting at in Phoenix.  I had another    hour until my flight was scheduled to take off.  This was last Saturday evening. I had attended a conference and was waiting to return home.  I was keenly aware that I would not be attending the Relief Society Broadcast with my ward and feeling a little sorry for myself.  Alas....I had a thought....rather I feel that I had a prompting.  

I was sitting in one of those chairs that had the sacred outlet.  I had been charging my phone. Then, it dawned on me that I could virtually attend the broadcast....via my smart phone.  

So, I went to and found the live feed.  I had a set of headphones with me, so I could easily hear the sacred words being offered.  I was able to watch the broadcast until I sat down in my seat on the plane.  I had just heard President Eyring tell the touching story of service to his family member.  It was at that point that I powered down my phone.

What's the takeaway point?  You can watch broadcasts nearly anywhere.  With this being General Conference weekend....this really is no reason you cannot access the sessions from nearly anywhere.  The miracle of technology is here to bless us all.  Don't miss the opportunity to hear the Prophet's voice....on nearly any media device.

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