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Some of you may know that Rooster Junior is serving a mission in the Houston South Texas Mission.  Since it was Mother's Day last weekend, I patiently waited until I could talk with my dear son, and I savored every moment.  He has recently been made a District Leader and a Senior Companion....all at once. He is thriving and keeps giving his father and I new challenges for missionary work all the time.  This includes planning on going on a mission when we retire....which has always been the plan and one that we have often shared with all of our children.  I don't know where he was for 19 years, but to Rooster Junior it appears his parents serving a mission is a new concept that he seems to think we haven't considered....which is kind of funny.  

No matter where we have lived, opportunities to share the gospel abound.  Most recently, I was waiting in line at the airport to go through the security checkpoint. The line was very long, so this nice lady who was in line with me and I began to chat.  She was from the Seattle area (which is where I was headed) and was traveling on business.  She shared with me that she had 2 children and a husband that she adored. In the course of just a few minutes we were chatting about our families.  I had the opportunity to tell her that I had a missionary son. She was very curious about what that entailed, and asked many questions. She wanted to know if we required our son to serve, & wanted to know how he prepared to serve his mission.  As I shared the concept of the Missionary Training Center, Seminary, certainly family prayer/scripture study and Family Home Evening, she seemed intrigued at the concept  We touched on the Plan of Salvation....all while waiting in line for security.  

The ironic thing is that she represented a National shipping firm....and the LDS church was one of her biggest clients.  She had been in Salt Lake City...on business with the Church.  So, as our paths parted (you know that cattle call for seating on that major airline carrier), I was hopeful that I had planted a seed that she could allow to grow.  It is my hope that she will ask her Mormon neighbor or colleague more as her interest peaks.

Why am I sharing all this with you?  Well, we have been challenged, most recently in General Conference, to share the Gospel message.  One of the ways is through media.  I have written this blog for 3 years now, and have attempted to include the important message of Spiritual Preparedness in concert with the concepts of Temporal Preparedness.

Recently, has come out with a Widget that can be placed on a blog, or website.   I was excited to see this new opportunity to share more about the Gospel message that means so much to me.  So, in view of this opportunity, you will see the widget in my sidebar.  It is my hope that those of you who may be curious or want to know more will choose to take a peek.  As always, there is no obligation to do anything but learn more.

If you would like to add this widget to your online media, please go here.   So, this week, I will write my missionary and 'report' to him.  One of the greatest joys in life is knowing that this good son, and all of my beloved children and grandchildren are sealed to my husband and I.  I look forward to spending a lot of time with them......both here....and in the eternities.  It makes living a life that pleases my Savior.....a joy to live.  

If you have questions about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, see the widget to the right or leave a comment for me.  We can chat :) !

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