Sunday, May 27, 2012

I 'heart' organizing.....Food Storage Style......

Yes, this is a real cabinet from a real home.  My spice cupboard does not look this nice, and the funny thing is, this cupboard always looks like this.  Note the top shelf, little baskets holding alphabetical order.  Want to see more?  I knew you would.....

These tubs hold food storage staples like flour, sugar etc.  When I asked the homeowner why she decided to use these flat containers, she said...look at the vertical space.  She is right.  These are drawers, so it is not like the shelves could be adjusted.  So, she uses flat containers and stacks some of them to have these important staples readily available.  See, she thinks outside of the box, and makes things work for her.  

Aren't these containers cool?  The homeowner, has even put the labels on  the containers at the same level so that the eye can easily scan the labels of the items inside of the cabinet.  

Look at this cabinet.  There are side doors that swing and have storage, and a set in the back that also have storage on either side.

Here is the same cabinet with the 2nd set of doors swung open. See the storage clear in the back?  Really nice isn't it.  

So, who in the world lives this organized?   Well, she is someone I know sister.  Her whole house is this way.

What are the take away points here?  See them below:
  • Use a system when storing foods.  Use similar containers, labeling, and organization techniques (remember the spices).  It is easy on the eye, and makes finding needed items easy to locate.
  • Although not shown, my sister also has the same clear plastic jars pictured above in drawers with mixes in them. The Labels are on the lids so that they are easily located.
  • Having your food storage staples readily available, makes you more likely to use them and gain the experience and skill to enjoy them.
  • It's easy to see if something needs to be discarded.  It's rare to find things that are tucked away and not being used within a safe time frame.
Maybe she will come to my house 
and do this for me:)


Robyn said...

Your sister is AMAZING! I can't believe how organized she keeps everything! I can make one or two spaces look like that--but her entire house is that organized...crafts, grandkids play area, even her food storage! I need her to do my house also!

The Little Red Hen said...

Yes, her entire house. I have more photos to show later. And, she has children at home. Sh is amazing!

Trask Tribe said...

LOVE! I need to get busy this summer. Thanks for the visual.

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