Monday, February 20, 2012

Our Third Birthday!

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Well, turning 3 is a big deal when you are a child. You get to go to more places, have learned a little bit more, get to do more things, and are a little more grown up. Yes, when my children turned 3, we all cheered!

This blog is like a family member at times.  I think about it when I am doing other things.  I see ideas for it when I go places, I can do more things with it now than when I started it 3 years ago. I guess, for me, this is a time of celebration.

Since I started to track the statistics on this blog, hundreds of thousands of visitors have come calling.  What have they shown the most interest in?  Take a look below:

  1. As was the case last year, the post on using Clear Jel continues to be the most viewed.  I get the most questions and comments from this post as well.  I love this product not only for its performance, but its versatility and indefinite shelf life.
  2. A new surprise in the line-up is the post of Mother's Day done in 2011.  Why this is, I am unsure.
  3. Still in the top five is the post on using Mylar Bags.  I love the versatility of this product and have used them in a variety of ways, even for gifts! 
  4. Number four is the post on Canning Hamburger.  I can't tell you how very convenient this item is to have on hand.  You can make a variety of meals with very little time by having this item on your shelf.  
  5. The next winner in our line up is a post on making your own cake mix with ideas for Gourmet Cupcakes.  
  6. Another personal favorite in our line-up is the post on Canning your own Beans.  Again, if you are looking for convenience and a real time-saver, this is a great option!
  7. Another surprise to me is the post that is coming in at number seven, entitled "What is a Relief Society Coordinator?"
  8. This post is about a controversial subject.  It is on canning butter.  This is an area where some feel it is acceptable and others say it is too low in acid to do.  I am asking you to research this subject on your own and make an informed decision. You will find plenty of resources on the web. 
  9. And rounding out the most popular posts of all time is a post on Shortening Powder.  Make sure that you read the comments below as some wonderful readers have left some very helpful hints!
My thanks goes out to those wonderful Bloggers who have put a link to our site on their own blogs.  Thank you so much for your faith and confidence!  I am humbled greatly by this. The reason I started this blog was to be of help to my own ward/congregation at the time. Everyone is so busy, so I thought that making information available 24/7 might help them in their quest to be prepared. I no longer have that calling or assignment, but I have been bitten by the "preparedness bug" and continue to learn and see opportunities in all facets of my life.    

I look forward to learning more and going more places together this year.  Thank you for visiting.  I hope that I have made you feel welcome and that you have been able to take away some helpful information.

I look forward to the upcoming year....who knows what we will learn together?

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