Saturday, February 18, 2012

"Nonnie....let me show you our......Chickens!"

I recently traveled to the east coast. I was visiting a new little family member who had just made an appearance.  While there, my grand-daughter wanted me to meet.....her chickens! I knew my son had been trying to raise chickens to be a little more self-reliant.  Well, it appears that he has succeeded.  The family often gets 'green eggs' (and no ham!). My grandchildren are quite enthralled with the egg laying venture.  

I wondered how much it cost to feed them.  I came to learn that they keep their vegetable scraps as well as the egg shells.  They break the egg shells into very small pieces.  They take the vegetables and shells and feed them to the chickens.  Reportedly, the egg shells help the eggs that are laid in the future to have hard shells.  I kidded them that they were teaching their!  

These folks live in a temperate climate, but still provide 'housing' for their flock.  

I haven't taken this step yet, and most likely will not due to the restrictions of the area that I live in.  However, I am very pleased to see one of my children make this choice to be more self-reliant.  Maybe one or more of my kids did learn a thing or two when they lived with their Dad and I.  We can only hope:)

Consider it!

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