Friday, August 19, 2011

Too much Zucchini?

Bountiful harvest of.....Zucchini?  Tried to use it in several different dishes? Still have lots left over?

Get out your food processor (or a grater if you want to try the manual method).  For your food processor, cut into spears and begin grating.

The Food Processor makes quick work on everything!

Isn't it pretty?

I placed 2 cups worth in each quart-sized bag.  Then I labeled and dated each bag. Now they are ready for the Freezer!

Later this winter, when I want to bake something with will be very easy!


Lynda said...

When I prepare my zukes for freezing I toss the shredded zuke with some salt and then drain in a colander...I squeeze as much juice out as I can. Then I freeze a couple cup fulls per freezer bag. It's enough for breads, casseroles, etc...and doesn't get mushy. I got this process from Julia Child...been using it for years.

The Little Red Hen said...

Wow, what a great idea! Thank you!

Ollamha Anne said...

I have handled carrots the same way. Nothing like pulling out some ready grated carrots for an emergency carrot cake.

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