Monday, August 15, 2011

Notice from Food Saver...

Courtesy of Jarden Consumer Solutions
A few weeks ago, Food Saver launched a Facebook campaign.  Supposedly, if they reached so many 'likes', they were going to post a code to receive a 75% of coupon on 4 select models of their Food Saver Machines.  Well, it was a rare day that I was working from I decided to 'bite'.  The result was that they hit their benchmark without any problem.  However, their system online was so overloaded that they could not post the code until 4 hours after the supposed deadline to post it.  At the time, you could call and receive 50% of selected models or gamble that you would be lucky enough to get the code and put it in before they ran out of stock.  I decided to get myself a machine using the phone method as the online situation was really not time efficient for me.

Food Saver learned a lot that day.  But they seem to be up for it again.  Here is a notice that I received from them.  Check it out if you are in the market for a new machine...

We're offering you another progressive coupon deal this week on our FoodSaver® MealSaver™! Here are the total Likes we would like to achieve by Wednesday, August 17 at 2pmEST in order to offer you a great deal on one of these five-star rated products:

30,000 Likes: 40 % Off ($41.99 +free shipping!)

40,000 Likes: 60 % Off ($27.99 +free shipping!)

50,000 Likes: 80 % Off ($14.00 +free shipping!)

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