Friday, May 27, 2011

It's a Matter of Cloches.....

Many people are trying to put in their garden in between rain and snow storms around here.  It really has been very difficult weather this year.  As such, many folks are trying to protect their precious plants by covering them with Cloches.  What are they?  Well, they cover small plants and transplants from the harsh elements and thus allow you to plant earlier than you might think you need to do.  

This is an experiment that I tried last year. If you know anything about the LRH is that I don't mind saving money anywhere I can.  This was one of those little experiments.  Above, you see on the left a Cloche that we purchased from a Nursery for about $.99. On the right...well you will see.

I felt the purchased Cloche are recognized that texture.  I then tried to replicate the Cloche with things that I had on hand.  Here I have 2 pots (from the Dollar Store) that are exactly the same and my roll of Freezer Paper.

I rolled out a long piece of Freezer Paper and cut it off the roll.

Next, I placed one of the pots on my counter.

Then I placed 2 sheets of the Freezer paper on top of the pot. (Be sure to place the waxed side on top of the pot).   I then placed the second pot on top of the first and pressed down hard.

I trimmed the excess corners of paper with my kitchen shears.  Then I took the newly formed Cloche out from between the two pots.

Because I had used 2 pieces of Freezer Paper I stapled them together to keep them secure.

Here they are side by side.  Granted, the purchased one "looks" better than the one I fashioned, but the function is the true issue here.  So, I planted my tomato plants and placed them under a purchased Cloche, and then the ones that I made.

Again, not lovely, but we are going for function here.  My home-fashioned Cloche is on the left and the purchased one is on the right.  I left these on from mid-March until early June as we had snowfall until May 24th of last year. 

Here is how my tomato plant looked as it emerged from the Cloche. I thought about pulling the errant grass before filming this, but I decided that you really needed to see how it came out.

Here it is again. After I cleared away the weeds/grasses, these tomato plants grew strong and flourished.  I figured that I made the Cloches for less than $.50 versus the purchased ones for $.99. I realize it is only few cents difference, but I like the fact that I could use things I already had around my home and didn't have to run out to the store. Time is sometimes the most valuable commodity for me as I don't feel that I have a lot of it.  So for me, this is a good option to use.

Consider it!

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