Sunday, May 15, 2011

In the family........

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Isn't this a beautiful image?  It is the cover of the May 2011 Ensign Magazine.  We have the good fortune to know the photographer pretty well. His name is Weston Colton, and he is a beloved family member.  He had the good fortune to marry my cousin.  We have been blessed by his tremendous talent as his photos of our family adorn our home.  

Although he hails from Sevier County, he now resides in Utah County.  If you would like to see his work or contact him to photo your loved ones, please go to



Deerie said...

I agree this is a GREAT photo. My visiting teaching companion gets it and I just fell in love -- I was using the internet, but have just renewed after a long absence. I hope they will re-start my subscription with THIS one! :)


Abs said...

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Thanks! Abs.

The Little Red Hen said...


I use both the internet, but still love the printed edition. The only challenge is that the Rooster of the house takes the Ensign and we often never see it! So, when I do get the chance, I enjoy it. I hope you enjoy your new subscription.

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