Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Review: A Year's Supply In "Seven Days".

I recently ordered this book   A Year's Supply In 'Seven Days' by Mary Wilde at the recommendation of a friend.  It came yesterday and I looked through it and appreciated several things about this book. 

  • It is concise.  To someone who is just beginning the "food storage" journey, it is an easy read and certainly makes the task seem doable.  In my opinion, starting to store and knowing what to store can be the biggest barriers to obtaining food storage. 
  • Just as the Lord created the earth in 'seven days', she uses the same approach in 'seven days'.  Literally, you most likely will not have your entire storage in 7 actual days, each step in the process is labeled as a 'day'.  For example  Day one is incorporating storable foods into your everyday diet. Day two is planning a 7-day menu etc.
  • It suggests a 7-day plan meaning a 7-day menu.  There is a spreadsheet that you can download and enter the ingredients from your meal plan.  The spreadsheet then calculates the amounts you will need for your 3-month or year's supply. It takes into consideration snacks and 'special occasion' meals (holidays, birthdays, etc) so that you can plan for that as well.  After entering the information, you can print out lists for shopping for 3 months or a year. The spreadsheet can also be used to inventory your food storage staples.
  • Conversion tables are supplied to help you in the following categories: Volume to weight, and volume to volume (i.e. spices....what is the volume you would need for 49 teaspoons?)
  • Some easy-to-follow recipes are also included.
For a ward or stake Food Storage or Emergency Preparedness specialist, this would be a good and reasonable resource to suggest to those you serve. Currently, the price of this book is $5.49 from Granite Publishing and Distribution LLC.  Here is the important part, you need to act quickly.  Reportedly the owner of this publishing company is looking to close it's operation. 

So, consider this little gem of information.  You may find it very helpful.

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SashaB said...

I bought this book and am just starting to read through it. I am NOT a Mormon, however I think anyone can read this. There is quite a bit of scripture in this book and although I may not always agree with the writer's or the Mormon interpretation, that doesn't make the validity of food storage any less real.
As a Mom and Wife, I want to make sure that my family is prepared for any local or international crisis that may mean food shortages or lack of food altogether. Some may think this is an alarmist position, but to me it's reality. We keep bandages and pain relievers in case we need them, why not the most basic need of all, food.

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