Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Price Increases at Home and Family Storage Centers....

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We are seeing such dramatic increases in fuel and food prices as of late.  Here is some information prepared by 2 different sources to show the increases in food prices from the Home and Family Storage Centers.

The first comes from Cheryl D. from http://www.simplyprepared.com/

These are all 25 lb bags unless otherwise indicated.

Black beans 13.20 to 16.80

Pinto beans 17.45 to 18.55

White beans 12.55 to 16.00

Powdered milk 41.65 to 47.20

White rice 10.00 to 13.85

Sugar 17.35 to 21.15

Red wheat 7.65 to 11.45

White wheat 7.65 to 11.45

Apple slices 15 pounds 60.45 to 72.55

Dried carrots 57.65 to 66.40

Macaroni 20 pounds 16.50 to 20.25

Quick oats 9.85 to 15.95

Regular oats 9.85 to 15.35

Dried onions 35 pounds 76.30 to 88.20

Potato flakes 30.90 to 33.30

Spaghetti 19.95 to 23.85

Refried bean flakes 28.60 to 35.90

Hot cocoa mix 33.50 to 38.95

White flour 10.30 to 13.30

Fruit Drink mix 27.75 to 31.30

Pancake mix 4 lbs 2.60 to 3.05

Potato pearls 28 oz 3.20 to 4.25

The empty cans, mylar bags and plastic lids are the only items that went down in price. The absorbers stayed the same price.

The second comes from a wonderful neighbor, DeVirl B. who has made the following observations in early March 2011:
I compared the prices on 25 pound bags of 20  food items commonly sold at the Lindon Family Home Storage Center and  the price went up 19.1% in 22 months or about 1% a month. This  happened while the government reported inflation rate was between 2  and 3%. The biggest jumps were in:

Sugar 26%

Regular Oats 29.6%

White Wheat 31.9%

Macaroni 36.4%

Potato Flakes 39.2%

Rice and beans increased very little during the same period.

Anything that is corn related, like meat, is going up very rapidly now.

By the way, the traffic at the Home Storage section of the cannery tripled in the last three weeks. I think gas going from $2.79 to  $3,39 probably sparked the interest.

Folks, if you haven't taken the opportunity to get your long term storage items, it is strongly suggested that you begin today.

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