Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's a matter of being prepared for a Nuclear accident....

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It has been difficult to imagine the tremendous challenges for the Japanese people since the recent disasters have occurred.  We have a family member who is there, but is far from the sites of the disaster.  However, it is impacting everyone who lives there in some form or fashion.

The biggest issue that we see most on the news in recent days is the challenges that officials are having in dealing with damaged Nuclear plants.  My heart go out to the 50 individuals who are risking their lives to address this uncharted disaster.  I believe that we should keep them in our prayers....constantly as well as all the impacted individuals in Japan.

Would you know what to do in this situation?  How could you prepare?   Here is some information that I found helpful.  It not only explains what to do, but also what all the alerts mean. Please see this link.

Now, let's discuss some other issues.  Most people found that only their land lines...and old fashioned phones worked during the crisis.  I recently posted about this and you can read about it on this link.

Finally, there is grave concern over the safety of food supplies and in particular, milk in the effected zones.  If you have been obedient to the council given by the Prophets and Apostles, this would not be an issue.  I have to repeat would not be an issue for you. Can you imagine the peace of mind you would have if you had to shelter in place?

I think I will not only donate to to help in the humanitarian response, but also try to learn a new recipe etc that I can use only with my food storage supplies. In addition, let us all remember those who have been impacted in any way as we kneel with our families in prayer.

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