Friday, March 11, 2011

It's been a difficult day....

(Image  courtesy of Reuters/Kyodo)

Unless you truly have been under a rock, you have heard about the tremendous Earthquake that took place in Japan. It reportedly is one of the most powerful Earthquakes on record...8.9.  People have had to flee for their lives.....and some have been victimized the Earthquake and subsequent the Tsunami.

The LRH has a family member who arrived in Japan in the last few days.  We have yet to hear from him, but according to the 'powers that be', everyone is accounted for.

As I sit here watching the coverage with my daughter, I am amazed at how powerful Mother Nature is.  These events have reportedly changed the face and formation of the island.  Populated areas are now underwater.  Great concerns exist because of the instability of 2 Nuclear Power Plants and a 10 Km evacuation has been put into place around them.  They state that a Radiation leak has surely happened.  Where are those people supposed to go? 

The news reports that there is a long line around the subway stations where some train service has been restored.  This island nation uses a great deal of public transportation.

We live in an Earthquake Zone. How would your family fare if you were in the position that the folks in Japan are currently in.  Do you have your 72 hour kit?  Do you have emergency contacts outside of your area for others to call to find out how you are doing? Have you considered taking a CERT class? Have you taken a First-Aid course recently?  Do you have plans in place in case you had to shelter-in-place or worse, shelter somewhere else?

Keep our family member and the People in Japan in your prayers please.  We all have a reason to reflect upon our situation....and how we can reach out to our Brothers and Sisters in Japan.  May the Lord bless us all. 

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