Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Pricing from Family Home Storage Centers......

Well, as we all focus upon the sacred season of Christmas, change is in the air.  There is new pricing at  for Family Home Storage Center Products.  Reportedly the pricing will go into effect in January 2011.  Some foods are actually less expensive.   For example, Black beans have gone from $4.45 for a #10 can to $3.95.  Granulated Sugar has risen in price from $4.65 to $5.30 per #10 can.

You can order foods in individual #10 cans, in Pouches or in Bulk.  Only the Starter Kit will come in a case according to the new form.  You can also purchase Bulk Packaging Materials such as cans, lids, pouches, Oxygen Absorbers etc.

Here is a quick view of the new form and pricing.

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KG said...

There is a food storage space calculator for people using #10 cans. It gives you an estimate of how much room you'll need for storage. Here's the link:

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