Sunday, December 12, 2010

Apron's Apron's Apron's....results

A few weeks ago, our Relief Society had an Apron sewing activity.  We had a lot of sewing machines, a lot of mentors, and hopefully a lot of satisfied customers.

Mentors sat and gave instruction in how to operate machines, and follow directions for the patterns.

Mothers and daughters also got in on the act!

First time sewers were given individualized instruction.

We learned how to finish off Ribbon.

We had a great demonstration in how to make Prarie Points!

Lot's of friendly conversation also took place. are some of the finished products!

The Dottie Apron!

Basic Chef Apron

Another take on the Basic Chef Apron

The Charlotte Apron

And a Chef Apron with Prairie Points on the pockets.

Our thanks to the many mentors who volunteered their time and talents to help with the all were wonderful!

We all had a great time and one sister has told me that she has made 9 other Aprons for Christmas Gifts since we had this activity!  Way to go! 

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