Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wish you were here......

I recently got a new cell phone that came with many advanced features. I was in the grocery store with my youngest son. He was looking for some "food that was good to eat" as he stated we didn't have any.....(I jest just a little). While I was waiting, I decided to try texting someone with my new toy. You need to know that I am very slow at this texting....and I just can't bring myself to use poor spelling etc. So, you are now getting the picture of how slow I really am when I try to text.

I was so engrossed in my texting, that I did not hear my son calling me. He finally came up to me and said I looked like the kids in his class....eyes glazed over, and could not hear or see anything around them. I justified to myself that I was trying to write a very good message...complete with punctuation! However, he let me know that he was uncomfortable seeing his mother this way. Then, I was uncomfortable. I realized I wasn't showing him mutual respect or courtesy.

I have been frustrated and impatient when my own children (those at home and those who are married and gone) feel comfortable texting when we are having family time. I just wonder if they really see our family as important when they are comfortable texting while we are talking, or doing things together. My grocery store experience was a good and justified one for me to have. I was doing something thoughtless to my precious son.

Why would I be discussing this on an Emergency-preparedness....Food Storage site? Because, it takes just a little planning to show courtesy and respect to others with all of our wonderful technology gadgets. All the planning in the world is usually for our families. Why then would we not show respect and good manners to our family members at any time? I was impressed by this video from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I hope you find it impressive as well.

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