Monday, October 26, 2009

It's a matter of.....Prayer & Obedience

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My Grandparents served several missions in Samoa, Hawaii, and Tonga, so any story that comes from these areas always perks my interest. I recently read the following story about 2 missionaries who were serving in Tonga when the recent Tsunami hit. Through their efforts, not only were their lives spared, but they unselfishly saved the lives of 3 children just before the Tsunami hit. I think as you read this story, you will see the hand of our Heavenly Father. They listened to the warnings, took the appropriate course, and even though they lost all they possessed, they were spared through their obedience. Throughout the entire ordeal, they prayed silently and at times aloud beseeching the protection of our Heavenly Father.

Make the analogy. Listen to the warnings about food storage and being prepared. Choose to take the appropriate course, pray over you family and your household, and enjoy the blessings of being prepared through your obedience.

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