Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spotting a Sale....Using Coupons

In a previous entry, I discussed subscription services that send emails directly to your inbox alerting you to sales in the major grocery stores. One of them (in Utah county) is sponsored by The Daily Herald. Several neighbors have inquired, asking how to determine if a sale is really a sale. Others were seeking more information about using coupons when shopping.

The Daily Herald offers the Savvy Shopper. Her name is "Amy" and she is offers free classes on these topics. She teaches you how to use the newspaper coupons, how to know if a sale is truly a sale, and (yea!) how to save money. She is offering a class on 4/14/09 at the North Orem Maceys. RSVP at the following link ASAP as these classes fill up very quickly.

Other subscription services to know about are:


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