Saturday, March 14, 2009

Its a matter of to store food in a bucket.

I want to thank the individuals that are emailing me their questions. I have responded to several questions on how to pack food into a bucket and thought that I should answer the question in our blog. Essentially, the steps are as follows:

  1. Get a bucket with a PETE logo on the bottom. That means that this container is made specifically for storing food. You can get them from 1 gallon to 6 gallons traditionally.

  2. Consider using a liner. I will be embedding a couple of video's from an individual who does a great job of showing you how to pack a bucket and some unique ways to do it. Some retailers have told me that you do not need a liner if you have a good seal with your lid and have used O2 packets. Others have stated that you do need them. There are 2 basic types: Mylar and Clear-plastic. The Mylar bags run between $2.50 to $3.00 (i.e. Emergency Essentials, and other online dealers) a bag and the clear-plastic bags run about $1.00/bag (see Walton Wheat). LRH prefers liners as an added protection for your food investment. Place the liner in the bucket.

  3. Using the LDS Church O2 packets (in a 5-6 gallon bucket), place 2 in the bottom of the liner (within your bucket). Pour in about half of the food you will be storing, place 2 more packets, then fill the bucket. Before closing the liner, place 2 more in. Please note that you should not put O2 packets in buckets of sugar. If you do, you will reportedly end up with one giant sugar cube:). At it states that you need one O2 packet for every gallon of food.

  4. Closing the liner. You can seal the Mylar bags with a Food Saver-type of device (see the video), or you can get a level (for construction) and your iron. Place the liner (with about 2 or more inches) over the slim edge of the level-lengthwise. This edge traditionally will have a texture to it. Run a hot iron over the area that is placed on the level to make your seal. To close a clear-plastic liner, twist the bag tightly together and run use a Zip-tie to close it.

  5. Place your lid on tightly. Double check the seal.

  6. Label your bucket with the contents and the date it was packed.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints offers the following information:

Plastic Bucket Storage Instructions
Plastic Bucket Storage Instructions klyman

Please watch this smart ""chick" demonstrate how how to pack your bucket via a video! (I realize she instructs you to use Bay Leaves to deter pests. In checking with the Utah State Extension service, this is not a method that they recommend).

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