Sunday, September 18, 2016

Using Your Jelly on Your Country-Style Ribs (in the Crockpot)....

It felt like Fall this week....I even had to wear a jacket at times!  When it begins to cool off, I like to pull out my Crock pot and make slow cooked deliciousness for dinner!  Today, I used food Storage Items to make delicious Country style Ribs. Want to see how?


I pulled out a half-pint of Peach Jelly and Barbecue sauce from my Food Storage room.


I took frozen Country Ribs and placed them into my Crock pot.


I literally poured and spread the jelly on the frozen ribs....


Pour your preferred brand of Barbecue sauce on the ribs as well.


Slow cook on low for 6-8 hours.....that's it!

So, how did they turn out?  Really great!  So great in fact, that we do not have any left to show you (we were really hungry after Church today!).

Take Home Points:

  • I used Peach Jelly that I canned myself.  It is so easy to do and you may want to give it a whirl. You make it from skins and pits!
  • I keep a supply of Barbecue sauce in my storage.  It is convenient to make so many meals!
  • I had the Ribs in my freezer
  • I didn't have to go shopping for this delicious meal!
  • Food Storage is not boring, it is actually delicious!

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