Saturday, October 31, 2015

It's a Matter of a Fun and Healthy Halloween Dinner....

Yes, the day is finally here!  Little ghosts and goblins are excitedly anticipating the candy haul of the year!  Caring parents want to keep a balance between sugar, excitement, and spooky characters!  

So, how about sending our family off right with a Halloween inspired dinner before they go door knocking tonight?  Many of these items came from my Pantry and my refrigerator.  You may be surprised about how many of these items you actually have on hand!

Halloween entrees from your Pantry and Fridge!

I used Garbanzo beans and Tahini from my Pantry to make some delicious hummus!  I had a particularly dark colored Tahini, so it made things look particularly haunting!

Next I put grapes on scewers.  Then I added mini chocolate chips as eyes (using cream cheese as the 'glue').  These became delicious caterpillars!

Using some of the hummus I put dollops on grape tomatoes or small cucumber slices topped with olive slices to make...

A Spooky-eyed Salad!

Instead of traditional breadsticks, cut the ends and shape the bread into bones! They sure tasted great with Pumpkin Soup that I made from my canned Pumpkin chunks!

What is Halloween without some spooky ghosts!  I put Rooster Senior in charge of making these.  He was asked to cut the bananas in half and use mini chips for the eyes and a big chip (pushed in backwards) for the mouth.  Let's just say we got some free form ghosts.  I also put some mini-chocolate chips on the plate for people to dip their ghosts in if they wished.  (See the cute caterpillars above?)

I added peeled Clementines and inserted a piece of celery as the stem. The hummus above has 'witches fingers' (made from celery sticks and an almond fingernail tacked on with a bit of hummus) sticking out from the bowl of Hummus.  Fun, easy, and healthy!

Fill up your Trick-or-Treaters on this delicious, quick and healthy meal before they head out of your Front door!

Have happy and Safe Halloween!

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