Friday, August 7, 2015

It's a Matter of Easily Releasing Frozen Concentrate From the Can!

I love to have a family gathering for special occasions, don't you?  I often rely on my Pantry and Food Storage for many of my meals, including special occasions. This applies to food of course, but also to the drinks I offer.  I have drinks that come in many forms, including frozen in concentrate from my Freezer.

How to easily get Frozen Concentrate out of a Can!

I used to ate trying to get the concentrate out of the can, particularly without making a mess!  Digging, sploshing, etc....I used to hate using Frozen Concentrate. That is, until I learned this great little trick!

Certainly we all know that you take off the lid of the Frozen Concentrate and attempt to empty the contents into your pitcher or decanter.  Usually, the Concentrate sits there as a frozen colorful ice cube and does not budge.

Not to worry!  Here is a slick trick that I learned from my very smart Mother. Use your can opener and cut a slit in the opposite end.

Voila! Almost instantaneously the frozen goodness is released from the can!

With very little fuss, you can have a refreshing drink ready for any special occasion....even if it is just for you morning breakfast!

Take Home Points:

  • Having Frozen Concentrate in your Freezer is a great way to have juices and flavorful drinks in your Food Storage.
  • Using your can opener, you can easily empty the contents when preparing your juice.

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