Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Watched Pot......

I have a weakness.....sometimes.  What is it?  It is trying to pass by or get out of a Specialty Kitchen Store without a gadget. I am getting better, but all of those fun things just tug at my heart.  I recently purchased this little device. What is it you may ask?

It is called a "Pot Minder".  The instructions state that placing this is a pot, particularly with starchy foods like Potatoes, will help keep the pot from boiling over.  If you are wondering what I paid, it was ~$1.50 as this was 'half price' the day I purchased it.  

I brought a pot of water to a boil and placed the disc in.

I then included some red potato pieces.  (I apologize for the clarity of the picture, but the steam kept fogging up my lens).  How did it work?

Actually, when I attempted to bring the pot to a rolling boil, the pan did boil over. I was disappointed.

However, when the heat was reduced, it seemed to diminish the 'foam' quite a bit.

If you are interested in this little device, you can find it here.  

Take home point:
  • Although the price point was low, I do not feel this little device lived up to the hype.  If I watch the heat/flame, I can achieve the same results.  
  • However, I will try it again to see if it performs better during my next attempt.

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