Sunday, May 25, 2014

For A Little Princess.....

We are awaiting the arrival of a new little Princess in our family.  Her parents are anxiously awaiting her birth and are gathering as many pink and purple items in anticipation of her arrival.

Our Daughter-in-Law requested some 'hand made' items for this little one, so my Daughter and I got busy and had some great fun together. These sweet Bibs were some of the things that I made for my future Granddaughter.  Not only were they fun, but also were very doable.

You can make a pattern off any Bib that you may have.  I had a pattern already. I cut out two large pieces (one for the front and one for the back).  I also cute out two pieces for the pocket.  One out of a contrast fabric and one out of a clear plastic.  I had this plastic left over from another project that I did some time ago.

I took the two pocket pieces.  I serged them together with the plastic piece on the bottom.  I tried it the opposite way without any real success. Trust me, putting the plastic piece down on the bottom works very well. 

Here is the finished edge after serging.

Sew the Bias Tape on over the edge you just serged.

Here is the piece with the Bias Tape sewn on the top edge.

Take the two large pieces.  Put the wrong sides together.

Pin the pocket to the bottom of the Bib.

Serge around all edges.

See how clean the edges are after Serging?  I love that aspect of a Serger!

Sew a piece of Bias Tape around the neckline.

Now, you will sew a very large piece of Bias Tape around the perimeter.
Advance a long piece of Bias Tape before your starting point on the Bib. Determine how long you want it to be as this will be a Tie for the Bib.  

Sew the Bias Tape around the perimeter of the Bib.

After sewing around the perimeter, leave a length of the Bias Tape at the end. This becomes the other tie for the Bib.  Sew along the length of Bias Tape (Tie end).  Go back to the first Tie and do the same.

Aren't these sweet?  They have a type of 'waterproof' pocket that can catch all kinds of 'treasures' when the time comes for her to begin to eat solids.  

Take Home Message:

I made these from scraps.  I hate to admit this but I am really not kidding. I had made receiving blankets and burp clothes already from these fabrics (with my Daughter of course). All I needed to purchase was the Bias Tape. The rest of these sweet bibs were made from scraps.  (I hope my Daughter-in-Law doesn't mind!). The Bias Tape cost me just under a dollar per Bib.  

You Can Do This!


Unknown said...

These are such a lovely stuff! These bibs you've made are so impressive. They are really perfect for the little princess. And they look cuter because you add a pocket at the bottom.

The Little Red Hen said...

Thank you for your kind comment!

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