Saturday, April 19, 2014

Here Comes......Easter!

I realize the Easter is tomorrow, but due to our schedules our family had our Easter Dinner last night.  Yes, we had the traditional Easter Egg Hunt and crazy noisy conversations.  I made everything (with the exception of the Spiral Ham) from my pantry and freezer.  

I decided to add a sweet treat for dessert.  I also decided to use my new mini-cupcake pan that I recently found on sale.  

I made lots and lots of yellow cake cupcakes.  Aren't they cute?  I decided to dress them up for an Easter Treat.

I took some Coconut.  I decided to transform it!

I wanted to turn it into 'grass'.  I took my food coloring and added a few drops of green.

I put on a tight fitting lid.....and shook it to death!

Here is what it looked like afterwards.  Isn't it cute?

I made some butter cream frosting (so was hard not to sneak in a few tastes as I went).  I didn't worry about making it 'pretty'....

Here is why, I turned over the cupcake and dipped the frosting side into the colored coconut.

Here is the cupcake after the coconut dredge and with a little "gummy bean" on top.  ("Gummy bean" is what my little Grandson called Jelly Beans).

How did they go over?  Pretty well....I just had a bazillion of them. So, I am possibly going to do some neighbor visiting today.

This is a simple thing to do, but a fun presentation.  This was an easy treat and certainly brightened our traditional Easter dinner.

Try it!!

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