Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Charging you phone while cooking? It's possible!

During December, I was dying to tell you about this great little device. However, I didn't because I gave it to some special folks as a gift.  They read this blog, so I didn't want to "spill the beans".  Well January came and went and I realized that I still have not shared this great device with you.  So, I will finally take that opportunity today. (Just for your information, I purchased this device and have not had any financial consideration for this review).

The photo above is not a photoshop creation.  Would you like to see more:

Yes, this is a small pot cooking on the device.

You can also use a large pot on the device.

Image courtesy of Amazon

You can also get a 'grill' that stands over the device to use for cooking.

It uses twigs. Here we are using newspaper to start a file.

What is this neat little device?  The Biolite Wood Burning Campstove.

Here are some important facts:
  1. It weighs about 2 lbs and is about the same size as a Nalogene bottle.
  2. As it burns, it powers a fan the helps keep the fire burning and also transfers the heat into power to charge your small devices.
  3. You do not have to carry fuel when you use this.  Instead, pick up dry tinder as you hike or camp.  Some folks who have reviewed this product state that you can get 15-60 minutes of charge time on your phone while cooking a meal. It can charge your light source as well.  This is on-demand power.  
  4. Some reviewers stated that this device can be difficult to use if you live in a humid climate. However, these photos were taken in Michigan where it is very humid.  We had no issue starting the fire and burning tinder that we found lying around on the ground.  It burned quickly and efficiently.  It actually charged the phone, which was amazing to behold.
  5. You can carry a portable power bank to charge your phone, but that is an additional 6-10 ounces depending on what you are packing.  This can supply you with a heat source and power your small devices.
  6. The feet collapse and it fits into a small draw-string bag for easy transport.
  7. Some reviewers stated that ash can build up and impede the performance of the fan.  In my use of the device, this was not an issue, but I could see if you used it for an extended time for one meal how that could be possible.
  8. The Fan has 2 options, low and high to help you manage your flame for cooking.
  9. When the indicator light is lit, you can charge your small device.
  10. The power module is stored in the cooking chamber for transport making it very
  11. This uses clean energy.
  12. If you have a power-outage at home, this could power your phone while you cook your meal.

BioLite CampStove Demo & Story from BioLite on Vimeo.

I love this technology.  It works and it a seriously great option not only for hiking and camping but for emergency preparedness as well.  If you are sheltering in place, or if you had to use your 72 hour kit, this would be a welcome addition to your preparedness plans.

You can purchase this directly from Biolite, or from Amazon (with Prime there is no shipping fee).

My motto is that Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness are skill sets supported by food and tools. This device certainly fits in that realm.  Consider adding this important device to your plans.  

Consider it!

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