Saturday, October 26, 2013

Look where I went....

This is an actual parking lot in Shipshewana Indiana.  Actually this is the parking lot on one side of a store with automobiles on the opposite side of the building

This town certainly did have some really "Neat Stuff".

I like the "Seven Sisters Eatery" (in light of the popular "Six Sisters" wonderful info we all see on the Internet as of late)

I am telling you, these businesses are "the best" for having resources for those with a preparedness mindset.

Look was on the shelf!  I have never seen Tattler lids on a store shelf.

Look how cool this stove is!

I like this Compost Trash Can....

Things were reasonably priced!

Nearly every grain or flour you can think of.

I took my time going down the spice aisle....I just wished I had more space in my luggage to bring many of these home!

I found these metal lids (on the right) that are the same size as the lids I use with my gallon jars.  I use these to store my food storage staples.

You might ask why I would replace the lids....well it is a simple reason.  The metal lids have a gasket in them where the plastic lid does not.  These fit perfectly on my existing containers.

These are Airlock devices for fermenting foods like Sauerkraut etc.  I have paid over $6.00 a piece for these. In these stores, they were just under $2.00.  I nabbed a few.

Although not pictured here, there was the largest selection of Lodge Cast Iron ware (and huge pieces as well), crocks, bottles, canning supplies, and baskets that I have ever seen.  

One thing that I really loved is the fact that they did not accept credit cards or debit cards....absolutely none!  However, they had an ATM nearby so that customers could retrieve cash for their purchases.

Take home message:

  • If you live near an Amish community, you are very fortunate.  You can access Food Storage Staples and Preparedness items all in one place.
  • I love that customers were required to pay cash and cannot use debt.
  • It is a way of life for these great folks.  They practice what they preach every day.  

These are lessons that we all can take advantage of....


Anonymous said...

I shop there about every 2 mo. I love E&S sales. I'm lucky, I only about 40 miles from there. Many, many bulk items, and things you don't normally see on shelves elsewhere.

The Little Red Hen said...

You are lucky!

Thank you for stopping by!

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