Saturday, August 17, 2013

Mother Nature......

We were in the Canyon this evening at an event.  The wind was blowing very hard.  On our way to the Canyon, we received a call from my in-laws.  The wind was blowing so strong in their area that their Chimney Cap was blowing off.  We made a quick trip to their house and Rooster Senior climbed up the ladder and fixed it.  We then continued on to the Canyon.

In the Canyon, we attended a dinner and were also entertained by a musical group.....all while holding on to our plates and cups.  Forget the how your hair was all for nought.  But, we enjoyed the company of the our friends and associates.

When we got home, our backyard was strewn with broken and fallen limbs. Thankfully, none of them hit our home.  Our neighbors either lost trees or had then break in half.  

Among all the chaos, I looked at my garden.  I was assuming that I had losses there as well.

Thankfully, all was well. The tomatoes were fine as were the cucumbers, peppers, and grapes.  I am grateful that in the midst of such a tremendous wind, that the bounty from our garden was not harmed.  

The Lord blesses us in many ways.  Today, I am grateful that I have my trees (although pruned in natures way), that my husband has skill sets to make repairs in a moments notice, and that the bounty of my garden was unaffected.  Anyone up for canning some salsa? does your garden grow?

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