Sunday, November 4, 2012

There Is A Lot At Stake.....

There is a lot of stake. I would strongly, strongly encourage you to please prayerfully make a decision...and certainly VOTE! This is such a critical time...there is no room for anyone to be a spectator. If you don't know about the are in luck! By viewing this post, you show that you know how to use the internet and can search to find all the information you may need. 

Be a patriot....use your sacred voice...and VOTE! 

This is The "Little Red Hen"  and I approved this message!

Also, for those who live in HIghland Utah, you will find a discussion and information on Proposition 6 that you may want to take into consideration here.  I particularly found this video of interest from someone who is not of the "majority faith" in this area regarding the Sunday Closure proposition.  See what you think.  

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