Saturday, July 14, 2012

I heart organizing....Craft room style

Oh yes, we continue our little series of true organization....again by my sister.  This is her cute craft room.  Want to see the specifics?  Here you go!

You can see she has her sewing machine and Serger set up and ready to go.  See the line of scissor to the left of her serger?  This is a magnetic strip that holds them for her.  She has a little bulletin board just above the scissors for to hold notes or instructions.

This is her fabric storage....for real.  She has drawers for smaller pieces and then folds the large pieces so that they can easily be seen at a glance.  She puts notions in containers as well.

This is the view just behind her sewing area.  She took two old dressers and painted them black, and hung a peg board to hold her ribbon on cables.  See the file cabinet to the far right.  Now you may ask, what does she have in the drawers.....want to see?

She has wrapping paper, bags, and tags.  See the tape, stapler and labeler on the top of the dresser.  She also has an attached ruler so that she can quickly measure items.  Isn't this great?

This is the area above the sewing machines.  She has markers, etc in little buckets on a shelf above.

Lest you think this is a separate room like a bedroom, think again.  She has a false wall just in front of the furnace.  However, if you didn't look, you wouldn't know it.

How does this apply to preparedness?  Everything is in its place, and she has used creative juices to figure out how to make this work for her in her basement.  I think I could get really creative in here....don't you?

Seriously, this girl needs to come over and help me!!!!!

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