Friday, June 15, 2012

I "heart" organizing....Food Storage Style....#2

A few days ago, I blogged about my sister's kitchen organization.  Well, her organizing skills also spill over into her long-term storage.  Believe it or not....she is this organized all the time. 

I think I could find what I was looking for on these shelves that their family built.  

Here is a side view of the shelves they build out of 2x4's and the corner hardware.  I think even I could do this.  But...I am very spoiled....I have a Trim Carpenter in the house that makes lovely things for me if I just ask:)

Notice how she uses different shelf heights.  She has allowed for her 55-gallon barrels, and also tubs above to organize and protect her food storage staples from humidity and rodents.  Each box (from the LDS Home Storage Center) is clearly labeled with contents inside, so you always know what you have on hand.

She allows for store purchased foods, and home canned foods in her storage room.  I find it interesting that plastic items are near the top and glass near the bottom.  There is wisdom in her choice just in case her shelves were shaken....for whatever reason.

She keeps her Mylar bags in boxes.  If you have an issue with rodents, you may want to consider a tub for these.

It's pretty funny when you look at someone else's Storage room......and see it as a thing of beauty.  Do you ever do that?

How do you organize your storage area?


Robyn said...

Love this! I was completely jealous of her storage room when I was there a few months ago. She is an amazing woman!

The Little Red Hen said...

I agree...I think she should come over and help me thought....don't you?

Zombtac said...

Rodents can easily chew through plastic when hungry. I've seen buckets of feed ruined this way.
I recommend any bagged items to be placed in large 20mm type ammo cans (even bear proof!).

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