Friday, March 2, 2012

Something Cool That I Ordered....

I ordered 2 sets of these recently after being introduced to them via an email I received from a gentleman who focuses on emergency preparedness and self sufficiency.   These are Jar Boxes  designed to hold canning jars.  I took this photo by my banister to give you a frame of reference.  You may ask what they are or what they are on.

I placed Quart Jars in the tray, but you could use pints as well.

Looking at the tray from the bottom, you can see these 'rings'. These rings allow you to either stack more trays on tip of jars, or enclose the jars with 2 trays and stack more trays on top of each other. I did try this, and it did work.

Here you can see how the trays can be stacked.  Please note the holes. If you choose to enclose your jars between two trays, you can secure them together by tethering them.

Why would you need these?

  • First and foremost, they can protect your home canned foods.  I live in an earthquake zone.  I either put my jars in a box (which does not allow me to see how many jars I have in it), or I put them on a shelf with bungee cords strung across it in an attempt to keep the jars from falling and becoming a hazard.
  • After a while, my boxes become weak and need to be discarded.  If a cardboard box were to get wet, it would disintegrate.  Picture several wet boxes full of heavy canned would be a mess.  In contrast, these trays are made from sturdy plastic and in my estimation they will last for a long time. 
  • If you do not enclose the bottles, you could see what you had and how many jars you had in each tray (see photo above).  This is definitely a big positive over the boxes.
What do they cost and where do you get them?

These were obtained in a group order.  They can be purchased from the following:

The cost is $15.95 for one tray or $24.99 for two.

Are they worth the cost?

For me, they will be for certain canned items.  I do not plan to replace all of my boxes with these at one time, but may purchase more of them over time.

So, another interesting item to consider in your quest to prepare.....check it out!

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