Sunday, December 25, 2011

Not a Creature was Stirring....

Good Morning Everyone and Merry Christmas!!!

It appears that Santa has come, but everyone is still sleeping. The stockings are filled, the Advent Calendar is full. The quiet of the night still lingers.

As I reflect on the events in our family since last Christmas, I have great cause to be thankful.  We have had additions to our family.  Some born into the family (and one who made a really early and grand entrance while the other decided to peacefully join his parents), others who have received the Sealing Ordinances, and yet others who are anticipating the arrival of new little ones. 

We have had joy and cause for prayers as one or more family members were way. One was in harm's way while another is serving in the Lord's vineyard.

We have said goodbye to loved ones who have finished their earthly missions.

We have felt the challenge and blessings of change.

So, as you awaken this morning I encourage you to not only look around you during the activities of celebration.  I also encourage you to reflect on the awe and majesty of the Lord's goodness.

He is the reason.....

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