Thursday, September 8, 2011

Water the big box store!

I also saw this sight at Wally World the other day.  Look at all the water storage options....and look at the pricing.  Get stocked up.....maybe this big box store knows something we dont' know!

I particularly like the variety being offered.  I have large containers of water.  I also have smaller, more manageable containers as well.  This is so that I can easily transport water in my home, or transport it in my vehicle if for some reason we have to evacuate.

My sister lives outside of Austin Texas.  This week, she had to evacuate because of the fires burning in the area.   In asking her what she decided to take, she said she took her 72 hour kits, photos, legal papers, certain keepsakes..........and her Seminary files!  We all place value on things differently.  Fortunately for my Sister and her family, they were able to return home within hours.  However, it made her think about what was important.  She had a few hours to decide.  Not everyone does. If the fires had taken out the power, she would be really dependent on her stored water.  This is particularly true as the air was very smoky in her area.

Think about it.  What would you do?  What do you have on hand?  Would you be in a position to leave on short notice?  Could you haul water if you needed to? Answer your own questions.....and make a plan!


Kids and Canning Jars said...

I love your blog. But, these pictures are so not normal. You must live in UTAH or IDAHO! Wal Mart in Texas does not offer such easy access to food storage or any of the like. I wish they would offer site to store offers of what they carry in Utah based stores. You can pick up a #10can of freeze dried strawberries, powdered milk and a water barrel all in one trip. Wal Mart all over the nation does not carry what the Utah market does. Bummer! Maybe we should propose it to them. Best of luck. I am glad your sister is OK.

The Little Red Hen said...

You are is in Utah! I was quite surprised to see so many options in this major retailer. Just know, it isn't like this all the time!

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