Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Sunday easy!

Here is my Sunday Dinner complete with Barbecue Chicken Breast, Baked Beans, Potato Salad, and a Tossed Salad.  We get out of church at noon....we started to eat about 12: 20.  How did I do it?  Look and see.

I used my Solar Oven (Tulsi Hybrid Solar Oven).  It comes with it's own pans. I sprayed both pans (2 of the 4) with Vegetable Oil to make the clean up easier).  I put the chicken breasts in the left one (partially thawed) and covered them with barbecue sauce from my food storage room.  In the 2nd pan, I placed a pint jar of beans I had canned myself (pintos in this case).

Next, I put in some dehydrated onions, a few big squirts of ketchup, and a bit of Worcestershire sauce.

I placed them into the solar oven, closed the lids and put both side reflectors on.  I then made sure it was facing the sun....and left for church.

When I came home, the temperature was between 275 degrees and 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

It appears that I did not put one of the lids on tightly, but no matter, the temperature remained the same.

Rooster Senior helped by taking out the Chicken first....

And then the beans.  Theses pans were very hot....always use hot pads (and this oven even comes with one).

We placed the hot pans on hot-pot-holders on our patio table.We also had put a potato salad (made previously) and a quick tossed salad out.

The beans required a little stir to ensure all the ingredients were mixed together (lesson to self, stir before cooking).  The chicken was tender and delicious. The beans were really good as well.  After eating and having a really nice conversation during dinner, it was a quick trip to take the dishes to the dishwasher.   Total time from oven to dishwasher, just under an hour.

What is the point of all of this? A solar oven...with constant heat...can not only cook your foods, but keep them warm at a safe temperature.  These foods were not dried out and were very tender.  A great deal of the food we had today was from our Food Storage....and we practiced using our Solar Oven.  Finally, it was super easy to do.  On a hot day like today...who wants to heat up the kitchen.

So, the take home storage is not something 'icky' and difficult. It is actually convenience foods...and they are easily retrieved from your stockpile.  Being prepared is about being obedient and exercising your faith.  It is also about making your life a bit easier....and healthful.  If you need a paradigm mind shift....pray and ask Heavenly Father to help you change your view about stocking up and being prepared.  I promise, there is piece of mind when you have your food and supplies in your home. Consider it.

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