Thursday, February 17, 2011

Guess Who is Having a Birthday?

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One of the most important books of Scripture turns 400 years old in 2011 and reportedly has been translated into 100 different languages.  What an impact this work has had on all of mankind.

Just as you would expect for any birthday, there are different 'types' of celebrations. Here are some listed in an article written by Larry Richman on LDSMediatalk.

•Next week (February 23–24), the Religious Studies Center at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, is sponsoring an academic symposium on the role of the King James translation of the Bible in the Restoration of the gospel.

•Read more about the KJV Bible in a linguistic, rhetorical, historical, cultural, and religious context in this Deseret News article. Here’s another interesting article in LDSLiving magazine.

•Listen to a BYU professor of ancient scripture discuss the Bible’s history.

•Read an article from the January 2011 Ensign about the historical context of the New Testament.

•Learn more about the Bible’s role in members’ lives.

•Read the full text of the LDS version of the King James Bible online at While there, you can also listen to a high-quality recording of the Bible. When in any chapter, just click Listen in the right margin, or click Download to get your own MP3 file for listening offline. (If you want to download entire books, or the whole Bible at once, you can get a convenient .zip file at

•You may also be interested in watching the video “That Promised Day: The Coming Forth of the LDS Scriptures.”

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