Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's a test....of YOUR Emergency System

(Image courtesy of wrh.noaa.gov)

This is a test...but not only a test.  This is a real emergency in the making. Here in Utah, a tremendous storm is predicted to hit us around 3:00 this afternoon.  The recommendations are:

  • Try to be home before the storm hits (I'll have to see what the big boss says.....)
  • Know where you emergency supplies are.  This applies not only to your car (food, water, blankets, cellphone charger, etc), but to your home.  Do you know where your flashlights and batteries are?  How are you going to cook and stay warm in the event that you loose power?  How are you going to keep the kids entertained with....gasp....electricity?
So, if you find you are without needed items.....make like Betty and Wilma and 'charge' off to the store.  Don't wait.  Let's hope everyone has made a plan and peacefully knows that they are ready.

This is not only a test....IT'S THE REAL THING!

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