Sunday, October 10, 2010

Procrastination could have been my downfall.....

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Any of you who know me well realize that I live and die by my laptop.  This is because our business is on it, my blogging information is on it, our family information is on it...and photos (and lots of them!) are also on it.

Recently, I have been experiencing difficulty with the monitor (remember the old TV's that would get rolling lines from top to bottom), however if I moved it this way or that fixed itself.  I was very foolish to wait to address it, but I did.  Finally, I appealed to my very smart Son and DIL when I no longer could 'fix it'.  They pronounced the possible last rites, helped me back up all the information, and recommended a local store to take it for possible repairs.

However, my very smart Son also helped me sign up for 'MOZY', which is an online back up service that I have been meaning to subscribe to for some time.  It was one of those " I'll do it later" things that I nearly lost the opportunity to use to save my information.  This is an important type of service to have as a preparedness measure, not only for situations like my current one, but also in case of natural disaster, robbery, sudden displacement, etc.  You can restore all the targeted information you ask MOZY to save.  There are other brands of this type of service available.  I chose this service as many Genealogists (thanks Mom and Dad) use it. With all the time and effort Genealogists put into Family Search activities, they would be absolutely foolish not to back up all that information.

So, if you don't have a service like MOZY, consider getting it.  It was very reasonable, and even had a promotional code that made it even more reasonable.  Check it out today.

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