Sunday, August 16, 2009

"I just don't get this food storage thing...can someone help me?"

I first saw this video when it first came out. I hesitated to post it for a specific reason which I shall discuss following the video. Please watch it with a prayerful heart....this is a good thing for us all to learn about and do.

As you may have noticed, the new guidelines do not state that you must have a year's supply. However, in the words of my sister (who is one smart food storage chick), she says the following. "remember that this is now a worldwide church. In many countries, not even a 3 month supply is possible. However, we live in America. There should be no reason why we cannot obtain and store a years supply".

Today, in Sacrament meeting, we heard several speakers discuss Emergency Preparedness and Provident Living. Brother Cousins related the story of the Chesley (Sully) Sullenberger, the pilot of the airliner that was forced to land in the Hudson river this past January. He didn't do this by luck. He had years of experience with Gliders before he even became a commercial Airline Pilot. So, this miracle landing was not a was the result of years of preparation. When he needed the skill, it was available to him because he had invested his time into the training that made this possible.

The LRH has said that Food Storage and Preparedness are not the "things" that we try to obtain. It is a set of skills that are supported by the training and the other things such as food.

Finally, Brother DePaul quoted the following from Spencer W Kimball:

“The responsibility for each member’s spiritual, social, emotional, physical, or economic well-being rests first upon himself, second, upon his family, and third, upon the Church. Members of the Church are commanded by the Lord to be self-reliant and independent to the extent of their ability. (See D&C 78:13–14.)

“No true Latter-day Saint, while physically or emotionally able, will voluntarily shift the burden of his own or his family’s well-being to someone else. So long as he can, under the inspiration of the Lord and with his own labors, he will work to the extent of his ability to supply himself and his family with the spiritual and temporal necessities of life. (See Gen. 3:19; 1 Tim. 5:8; and Philip. 2:12.)

“As guided by the spirit of the Lord and through applying these principles, each member of the Church should make his own decisions as to what assistance he accepts, be it from governmental or other sources. In this way, independence, self-respect, dignity, and self-reliance will be fostered, and free agency maintained.” (Statement of the Presiding Bishopric, as quoted in Ensign, March 1978, p. 20.)

So, pray for guidance to help you become obedient. Pray for guidance to help you find the resources and training to prepare yourself and your family. As President Kimball taught us years ago “No true Latter-day Saint, while physically or emotionally able, will voluntarily shift the burden of his own or his family’s well-being to someone else." Do it now!

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